Friday, January 16, 2009

Scholarship Program/Parents

As parents and guardians, we only want the best for our future generations. We want them to be better than we are. We want them to strive to have a better life than we have. But you ask how can we prepare our future generation? That is a challenge of its own. A college education has become very expensive today and that expense continues to grow every year. This year, the average cost of attendance for an in state student is estimated at $23,000 a year. Over a course of four years, that calculates to be over $92,000. The average cost of attendance for out of state is $43,000 per year. Over a course of four years, that calculates to be $172,000. Once again the cost increases annually. In both cases it is hard to put away savings like that. There is some assistance from the federal government for those who qualify. However, you must truly need the assistance in order to receive some funding. This is where it becomes difficult, especially for the middle class where they fall on that cusp of making too much money to qualify and not enough to reserve. Also, there are plenty of scholarships out there for students to apply for. However, they must qualify and the competition is fierce. Then how can a deserving student actually receive scholarship funding for their education? Introducing, MBP Healthy Living for Youth's Scholarship Program
This program is designed to help parents create and increase their son/daughter’s own scholarship funding. We believe that parents should take action early in obtaining scholarship dollars. The main goal for this program is to provide scholarship dollars for every child that becomes a member of this program. In the pages to come, we will show how the program operates and what parents as well as students need to do in order to maintain their scholarship dollars. Welcome.

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